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December 16 2011 6 16 /12 /December /2011 13:18

Today we gave the cheque to the charity organisation Kiss Africa. It was a very nice experience for us to do something for poor people in Africa. To know that everyday around 25.000 to 30.000 people die because they don't get enough food and water is terrible. We are very happy that we were able to help some of them and we would really like to do it again. 


DSC_0389.JPGOn the left are the head  of the charity organization "Kiss Africa". On the right are Mrs. Inglott and Mr. Psaila, the IB-Coordinator and the Headmaster of the St. Edwarscollege. 












DSC_0391.JPGThe head of Kiss Africa, The IB-Coordinator, the Headmaster and the students which helped with the food stall selling tickets and food. 












DSC 0394Janet is giving the cheque to the people from Kiss Africa. 

















Some students who helped on the food stall, the head of the charity organisation and Mr. Sammut, the CAS teacher and creative director of this project. 












The Link to the website of Kiss Africa: link ( http://www.kissafrica.com.mt/ )

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December 6 2011 3 06 /12 /December /2011 01:35

On tuesday the 6th december in the break we had our food stall and sold the food to the students. We get some money for the charity and we had a lot of fun during the selling. Everyone learned a lot from this experience. First we prepared the food and sold the tickets to the students. In the break we sold together the food to the students. 


FoodCake and Ftira which we sold. 













SellersThe students during they are preparing the food. 








DSC 0068The CAS teacher, Mr Sammut, and some students out of year 12 and year 13. 








MoneyThe boys and girls having fun with selling food. Also shown some of the collected money for the charity. 

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December 5 2011 2 05 /12 /December /2011 21:59

DSC_0001.JPGNow in nearly every country of the world the christmas time starts - in Malta as well. Every one starts to decorate the houses and every one is in an christmas mood. The radio's playing christmas songs and the little children can't wait to have christmas - even in our boarding school. To not bore the children we start decorating the (class)rooms during we listening to music and having fun. 




Jorge, Gleb, Hamed, Alex & Mr. Sammut having fun during decorating the room.DSC00203 Alex, Hamed, Gleb and Jorge "decorating" the room. 

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December 2 2011 6 02 /12 /December /2011 23:01

One activity in the school with our CAS class. The CAS class sells hotdogs, cake, chips, Ftira and burgers to the students of the school on the 6th of december 2011. The collected money will go to a charity community. Today we made the "tickets" for our food. We will sell them to the students, so that they can get the food with the tickets.




DSC 0297In this picture is the creative director of this project - Mr. Sammut. He is our CAS teacher. His idea was to make the stall and to sell the different things. Of course for a good cause. We hope that we can help a lot of people with this project. 



Food-Stall 0301


      Some students out of our CAS class. The two girls who are sitting are stamping the tickets. They are doing this, so that no one can copy the tickets. The two girls who are standing in the left are cutting some tickets. 


Food-Stall 0317







The whole CAS class.
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