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  • Notte Bianca

    02 October 2011 ( #Festivals )

    Notte Bianca is an annual all-night cultural initiative of various countries around the world and Malta is no exception. Notte Bianca is now in its 6th fantastic year, and continues to promise an unforgettable evening of art, culture and much more. During...

  • Food Stall

    02 December 2011 ( #Events )

    One activity in the school with our CAS class. The CAS class sells hotdogs, cake, chips, Ftira and burgers to the students of the school on the 6th of december 2011. The collected money will go to a charity community. Today we made the "tickets" for our...

  • Christmas time

    05 December 2011 ( #Events )

    Now in nearly every country of the world the christmas time starts - in Malta as well. Every one starts to decorate the houses and every one is in an christmas mood. The radio's playing christmas songs and the little children can't wait to have christmas...

  • Food Stall - Selling

    06 December 2011 ( #Events )

    On tuesday the 6th december in the break we had our food stall and sold the food to the students. We get some money for the charity and we had a lot of fun during the selling. Everyone learned a lot from this experience. First we prepared the food and...

  • Charity's Donation

    16 December 2011 ( #Events )

    Today we gave the cheque to the charity organisation Kiss Africa. It was a very nice experience for us to do something for poor people in Africa. To know that everyday around 25.000 to 30.000 people die because they don't get enough food and water is...

  • Christmas Shopping - The Point in Sliema

    17 December 2011 ( #Sights )

    Today we went Christmas-shopping in “The point” in Sliema. It is the biggest shopping mall on the island. The Point was opened on Monday 29th March 2010. With three floors, over 50 shops and 14.000 square meters it is the biggest shopping mall in Malta....

  • Feast of the immaculate conception

    08 December 2011 ( #Festivals )

    Today we went to the feast of the immaculate conception in Bormla. The feast of the immaculate conception is the feast for the blessed Virgin Mary. It is a dogma of the Roman Catholic Church. It was kept for the orifinal sin from her moment of conception...

  • Mdina

    18 February 2012 ( #Sights )

    Today we went to Mdina. Mdina was the capital city of Malta around 500 years ago. It is a small city with less than 300 inhabitants. We went to the National Museum of Natural History and then to the Palazzo Falson. Mdina gate, it is the main entrance...

  • National Museum of Natural History in Mdina

    18 February 2012 ( #Sights )

    The National Museum of Natural History is a really interesting place. First are some animals shown, which you can find in Malta, then you can see different butterflies and insects from Malta, which look really nice. When you go upstairs in the building...

  • Palazzo Falson

    18 February 2012 ( #Sights )

    The Palazzo Falson is an building in which Capt Olof Frederick Gollcher OBE ( 1889- 1962) was living. He was an artist and he liked a lot of anitques. In this house are a lot of pictures, and old, interesting things shown. For children, which like knights,...

  • Typical Maltese

    28 February 2012 ( #Sights )

    Malta has, like every else country as well, typical things such as food, self-made things and of course architectural characteristics. We show some of them in this article. One architectural characteristic which you find often in Valletta. The typical...

  • Welcome to our page

    01 October 2011

    Welcome to our page "Activities in Malta". We are two students from Libya and Germany. We created this website for our CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) class. For CAS we have to make some projects, which are creative, we have to do activities and we...